A Teal on Chapelstreet,
at Upominki Rotterdam, The Netherlands
from 30 March - 6 April 2012

Teal On ChapelstreetTeal On Chapelstreet Exhibition overview, W/A projectspace Rotterdam, 2012
Photo by The White Project

     To Archive Under M (from Memory)To Archive Under M (from Memory) Cartboard box, plastic bags.

One Moment In The Whole World As A SunsetOne Moment In The Whole World As A Sunset Clay, container with contact lenses.

Where luck hidesWhere luck hides Leash

One Moment ExtendedOne Moment Extended Acryllic on canvas

Something remainsSomething remains Adhesive film on window Looking is TemporarelyLooking is Temporarely Five cups with comma’s in different font divided over two rooms